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How to use our Lesson Planner

  1. It is free to use our lesson planner.
  2. The maximum characters you can input is 500. This includes letters, punctuation and spaces.
  3. Enter the subject of the lesson and the target audience’s educational level e.g. ‘Robert Frost’s poetry for undergraduates’.
  4. You can also try adding additional information such as the lesson plan must be in french and purely online etc. You can literally create a lesson plan on absolutely anything (as long as it is legal). It has been used to create lesson plans for teaching kindergarten children to swim and basic survival skills for Boy Scouts caught out hiking in bad weather.
  5. Click on ‘Create a Lesson Plan’ and within 10 to 40 seconds, the AI will generate your answer.
  6. To copy the output lesson plan, hover over the two small boxes located in the top right corner of your answer and click on them. This will copy the output, allowing you to paste it directly into another document.
  7. Click on ‘Clear’ to erase the answer and start over.
  8. You can also ask it to modify the answer until it suits your requirements.
  9. The usage bar indicates the remaining usage for the day, either for all guests or individual accounts (if the user is logged in).
  10. Usage is free, but please be considerate and respectful when using our tool. The AI may block you if misused.
  11. The lesson planner is still under development and is liable to change/break at any time.